Web Design Vision

Our approach is the same for every client:
creative solutions, unique and effective web design.

We analyze and document to do a perfect web design

Analyze and document

We gather information on the project, the scope and expected result. We create schemes and estimate how many screens are needed. We design and create the information architecture and the website structure.

We Sketch your logo design


We design the best positioning for the elements in a webpage. We find the graphic solution for your site and we draw it. We create multiple sketches and we chose the one that fits the project best.

We do on-page SEO magic

We do magic

Here is where the heavy artillery comes into play. We draw, add color, and choose fonts, textures, special effects and new technologies puzzling everything together in the right spot. Everything we do is done with accuracy. We work hard paying attention to every detail so that the end result is "magic".

We deploy and support for a perfect branding

Deploy and support

We deploy your website and provide support and advice so that your customers can enjoy our work. We test the website to make sure every little detail works as expected.

Continuous improvement

Continuous Perfecting

Once the project has been launched we pay attention to everything that is going on around it. We look out for new necessities arising on the way. We offer our support and consultance because a good product needs continuous improvement.


Code-Agency is a web design agency based of Timisoara, Romania. The agency was created from our desire to change the world. the virtual world. Our knowledge of everything that is new to the Internet and the experience gained through our completed projects recommends us as ideal partners for you.

The image of your company on the internet represent us and we understand the importance of a unique web page, functional and very well optimized for your business success.


Our team specializes in web design, web programming, SEO, copyright and online marketing. We can provide assistance in planning, creating and advertising your website so that your online presence will be a success. Our engagement to quality standards and client requirements help us evolve with every completed project. Our approach is the same for every client: creative solutions, unique and efficient web design.